Top 30+ Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

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In this rapidly growing world digital marketing is something that helps you to stand out of the crowd. In this blog, we will talk about digital marketing interview questions for all who are….

  1. Appearing for a digital marketing job.
  2. Digital marketing interview questions for freshers.
  3. Interviewers who are looking for digital marketing questions for interview.

In today’s modern era, we all know that the demand for digital marketers is evolving daily as most businesses are shifting online. This course is evolving day by day and picking up great scopes in digital marketing.

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General Digital Marketing Interview Questions

Here are some digital marketing interview questions and answers that every digital marketer must know irrespective of the role they can ask.

Q.1 What is digital marketing or online marketing?

Ans- Digital Marketing is the promotion of brands online to connect with a genuine and targeted audience with the help of the internet and different social media platforms. It includes various strategies and techniques to grow online. Digital marketing is not only about e-mail and social marketing. It includes Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Google ads, website designing, Pay-per-click (PPC), conversion, and much more.

Q.2 Why did you choose digital marketing as a career?

Ans- So, basically here interviewer wants to know why you opt for digital marketing. and Here is an example of what you can say and add by your side.

Digital Marketing has the potential to reach globally and break the geographical barrier to reach the audience easily. It helps to grow and make a consistent presence online. Digital marketing is an exciting field through which we can grow social media platforms. There is an ample opportunity to analyze the data. and It also helps us enhance our creativity through the skill of graphic knowledge.

Q.3 Do you think that traditional marketing will vanish in the future?

Ans- It is true. that marketing is transforming into a digital platform but it’s not like that traditional marketing will vanish. Traditional marketing which includes print, television ads, etc. also will remain. However, digital marketing brought up a change in consumer behavior. and some businesses are still getting a better response from traditional marketing to connect with local audiences.

Later on, traditional marketing will decrease but there will be a coexistence of digital and traditional both types of marketing according to consumer behavior.

Q.4 What is Permalink?

Ans- A permalink or a permanent link is a full URL that is visible in the address bar of the web page. and It remained unchanged for many years. Permalink is made up of two parts i.e. web domain and the slug.

Q.5 What are the benefits of digital marketing?

Ans- Digital Marketing offers various benefits which include-

1.Cost-effective- Digital Marketing is more cost-effective and cheaper than traditional marketing. Online platforms are more flexible for advertising and to reach the targeted audience.

2.Global reach- Digital Marketing helps to reach a vast audience by breaking geographical barriers. It also helps to expand our customer base.

3.Flexibility- Digital campaigns can easily be optimized and edited. These changes also allow us to change our strategies and techniques.

4.Engagement- With the help of social media, e-mail marketing, and content you can engage with your audience directly which also helps to make a strong relationship between you and your audience.

5.24/7 availability- Online presence is accessible 24/7. A person can buy the product at any time. It will be easy for them to interact with your brand.

Q.6 What are the tools used for SEO?

Ans- Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Semrush, Moz, Woorank, Spyfu, Google Keyword Planner.

Q.7 What are some popular digital marketing tools?

Ans- Mailchimp, Tube Buddy, Moz, Google Ads, Google keyword planner, Facebook ads library, Buffer, woo WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, Google Search Console, etc. There are other tools also.

The interviewer may also ask if you have ever used these tools or not. So answer according to that.

Q.8 How do you analyze keywords for SEO?

Ans- 1. Mention the tool you use to analyse the keywords which shows genuine ranking and volume of the keyword.

2.Keywords must be used based on relevancy and competition i.e. digital marketing interview questions.

Q.9 What are PPC, CTR, GTM, CPA, CPM, and CPV?

Ans- PPC- Pay Per Click

CTR- Click-Through Rate

GTM- Google Tag Manager

CPA- Cost Per Action

CPM- Cost Per Thousand

CPV- Click Per View

Q.10 What is conversion?

Ans- Conversion refers to the specific action taken by a visitor on a website or any digital platform. It is the outcome of marketing that indicates that the visitor is now a potential customer to purchase the product.

Here, we have covered the general digital marketing questions for interview.

Digital Marketing Interview Questions for Freshers

Q.11 What is the difference between on-page and off-page SEO?

Ans- On-page activities are used to get organic traffic on a website through various changes like relevant content, improving page load timing, meta title, meta description, interlinking, tags, and much more.

Off-page activities are done outside the website but in search engine which includes relevant backlinks, guest blogs, social media marketing, etc, and much more.

Q.12 What is a Search Engine Page and a Search Engine Result Page?

Ans- A search Engine Page(SEP) is a web page. that we get as a result when we search our keywords in search engines. When a search engine possesses your query and shows the list of relevant web pages that match your search. then it will be known as the Search Engine Result Page(SERP).

Q.13 Why do we use backlinks for websites?

Ans- Backlinks are also known as inbound links which we make on the website of other users which plays a crucial role in Search Engine Optimization and website visibility. The reasons for using backlinks are the following-

  1. Search Engine Ranking
  2. Content Promotion
  3. Referral Traffic
  4. Brand Exposure

Digital Marketing Interview Questions for Social Media Marketing-

Q.14 How can we grow our Social Media platforms?

Ans- To grow your social media platforms requires engaging content, consistent interaction, proper strategy, and techniques. But most important is consistency which is a key to growing your social media platforms. Here are a few points that you can mention-

  1. Optimize profile
  2. Create captivating program
  3. Engage with your audience
  4. Use effective hashtags
  5. Use stories and live videos
  6. Identify your targeted audience

Q.15 Describe any strategy that will help us to grow our Social Media Platforms.

Ans- Authenticity is key. No matter what their company is about whether the audience is about business or consumer. So whenever the interviewer asks this question just tell your strategies and mention that consistency and authenticity are most important.

This question is commonly asked in an interview for the post of Social Media Manager.

Q.16 Do you think it is important to schedule a post? If yes then why?

Ans- This thing totally depends on the frequency of posts. and suppose you have a busy schedule or there is a deadline for posting a post that you have to post on that time only then scheduling a post or reel is beneficial.

Q.17 Why do we use hashtags?

Ans- We use hashtags for the following reasons:

  1. Content Categorization
  2. Discoverability
  3. Trend participation
  4. Event Promotion
  5. Engagement & Interaction
  6. Niche Tracking

Here we have covered the digital marketing question for the interview as an SEO expert.

Digital Marketing interview questions for E-mail Marketing

Q.18 What is the use of automation in E-mail marketing?

Ans- Automation tools have various benefits. You can pre-schedule the mail and send it to a particular mailing list according to your campaign. With this, you can track mail lists also and you will able to understand how well your mail is working. You will be able to find out how many people have opened the mail or not, by clicking on CTA and much more.

Q.19 What are the drawbacks of e-mail marketing?

Ans- E-mail marketing is such a useful and powerful tool in promoting your business. But like every marketing there are also drawbacks of e-mail dealing. Here are some drawbacks:

1.Spam filters- Email providers use spam filters in users’ mail to protect them from irrelevant mail. and due to this recipient is not able to receive the mail.

2.Delivering issue- Even if mail is not market spam sometimes it will also not be able to deliver due to technical glitches.

3.Open rates- Getting recipients to open the mail is difficult. There are so many people who receive so much mail in a day.

4.Unsubscribe- Sometimes subscribers may choose to unsubscribe from the mail, which will decrease the audience. This will show that our content is not resonating.

Q.20 What is segmentation in E-mail marketing?

Ans- Segmentation in email marketing refers to the practice of dividing an email list into smaller, more targeted groups based on specific criteria. This segmentation allows marketers to send highly relevant and personalized email campaigns to different segments of their audience, leading to better engagement, higher open and click-through rates, and ultimately, improved conversion rates.

Here we have covered the digital marketing interview questions for E-mail marketing experts.

Digital Marketing Job Interview Questions

Digital Marketing Job Interview Questions

Here we will cover digital marketing job interview questions and answers.

Q.21 What are the strategies to run ads?

Ans- To run the ad requires a combination of strategies according to the business goals, audience, and budget. Here are key some strategies to run the ads:

1.Define your objective- To run the ad you should have a proper goal that is why you need to run the ad.

2.Know your audience- Understand your targeted audience and their demographics, behavior, and interests.

3.Choose your platform- Select a proper platform to run the campaign according to your targeted audience and the objective of the ad.

4.Keyword research- Using keywords according to your campaign will help to visible your ads visible to the audience.

5.Create ad copy- Attention-grabbing title, and heading to engage your audience.

6.Budget allocation- Set a clear budget for your ad and run on that platform which provides you with proper ROI and focuses on performing ads.

You can mention other strategies according to you.

Q.22 What are the types of SEO?

Ans- 1. On-page SEO

  1. Off-page SEO
  2. Technical SEO
  3. Local SEO
  4. E-Commerce SEO
  5. Voice Search SEO
  6. Video SEO
  7. Image SEO
  8. International SEO
  9. Negative SEO Monitoring

Q.23 What are the objectives of Google ads?

Ans- 1. Sales

2. Leads

3. Website Traffic

4. Product and brand consideration

5. Brand awareness and reach

6. App promotion

7. Local store visits and promotions

Q.24 What is PPC? What are the strategies to optimize your PPC campaign more effectively?

Ans- PPC is a Pay-per-click. It is an advertising model which charges according to the click of the user on the advertisement. Here are some strategies to make your PPC campaign more effective:

  1. Update keywords regularly
  2. Improve websites performance
  3. Create localized landing pages
  4. Use ad extensions
  5. Proper copywriting skills

Q.25 What is a quality score?

Ans- Quality score is used to measure the quality and relevance of keywords, ads, and landing pages. It is important in determining the placement and cost of your ads. The quality score plays an important role in the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of Google ads.

Q.26 How AI is useful in Digital Marketing?

Ans- AI has revolutionization the field of digital marketing by enabling more strategies. Here are some ways AI is beneficial:

1.Chatbots and customer services- AI-driven chatbots give instant and automated responses to a user. They enhance customer service by giving quick solutions and 24/7 availability.

2.Content Creation- AI helps in generating content which includes articles, reports, and product descriptions.

3.Voice and image recognition- AI tools can recognize and analyze voice searches and images, enabling marketers to create content.

4.Fraud detection- AI helps in detecting fraud activities such as click fraud in pay-per-click and fake accounts.

Q.27 What is a name server?

Ans- A name server is a directory that translates easy-to-remember domain names into numerical IP addresses that computers use to find and connect to websites and other online resources.

Q.28 What is a media carousel?

Ans- A media carousel is also known as an image slider. Which displays a series of images in a sliding manner. and It is often used on websites and applications to showcase multiple images, products, features, or messages within a confined space.

Q.29 Name a few popup plugin software.

Ans- 1. Popup maker

  1. Bloom
  2. Ninja Popups
  3. Sumo
  4. Poptin
  5. Popup Builder

Q.30 What are inbound and outbound marketing?

Ans- Inbound marketing

It focuses on creating valuable content which attracts the targeted audience which will help to know about our brand and build a long-lasting relationship. The primary goal is to provide relevant and genuine information which will help to address the needs of the targeted audience. This will also help to generate organic leads.

Outbound marketing

Outbound marketing also refers to traditional marketing which includes advertisements, and promotions to a broad audience by getting their attention. and It is more focused on paid advertising and direct communication.

Here we have covered the digital marketing job interview questions.


When you are preparing for a digital marketing interview questions. It is important to show knowledge of digital marketing strategies, tools, and the ability to get results. While you are preparing for digital marketing questions for the interview keep a few points in mind i.e., fundamental concepts, social media expertise, mobile and video marketing, personal branding, problem-solving skills, communication, and collaborating skills. Stay updated with the latest trends, algorithms, and technologies. With your practical and theoretical knowledge, you will be able to ace the interview.

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