10 Types of Backlinks You Must Know to Boost Website Traffic

What are Backlinks?

In this blog, you will get to know about different types of backlinks, but before that, let’s discuss the meaning of backlinks, It is an integral part of SEO. It is also called Inbound Links as these are the links that come from one website to another page of the website. Sites with a high quantity of backlinks are often ranked high on the Search Engine Results Page. These are votes from Other Websites that inform search engines or google that this content is reliable, beneficial, or significant and if you can get backlinks from well-recognized websites then there are high chances to get a top position on SERP. Backlinks are categorized into two forms :

1. Do-follow Link

Types of Backlinks

A Do-follow link improves SEO by transmitting the link juice of the source site to the given destination. Link Juice refers to when that certain link passes some value or authority from one website to another. Do-follow backlinks help in the improvement of a website’s domain authority, which in turn aids in keyword ranking.

2. No-Follow Link

Types of Backlinks

Another type of backlink is a no-follow link that does not count as a vote in favor of the website, does not enhance PageRank, does not help the page’s ranking in the SERPs, and doesn’t provide “link juice”.

Why backlinks are important?

Backlinks are necessary for SEO because they tell Google that your content is valuable enough for them to link to it in their content. As a website accumulates more backlinks, search engines determine that it has valuable material worth ranking high in the SERPs.

Gaining official links is judged as the most important step to rank signals which is used to rank websites and getting a backlink from a decent reference is a great way to improve brand experience and trust.

They are essential for attaining higher search engine rankings. They are, however, necessary for the development of relationships. The importance of Backlinks is mentioned below:-

Assist you in achieving a higher-ranking position

Backlinks can help you improve your Google and other search engine rankings. Without high-quality backlinks pointing to your site, you’re losing the most important ranking factors, that can demonstrate that you’re a reliable expert in your field.

Increase Website Traffic

They play an important role in increasing referral traffic. When a visitor arrives at your site through a backlink then it records as a referral visit. Referral traffic is more targeted and valuable than other types of traffic, and it has a lower bounce rate.

Establishes your business as an authority

When a maximum no. of websites link to you, it establishes your business as an expert in a particular field. Keep in mind that Google analyses backlinks as one of the factors in determining what your website is about. As a result, the more backlinks you obtain, the easier it will be for Google to learn more about your company.

They create connections between websites.

People see a connection you have with another website when you link to or promote it, and it builds trust when people realize you trust each other enough to have an open, online connection.

10 Types of Creating Backlinks

1. Social Bookmarking Submission

One of the most important off-page activities is social bookmarking submission because it works quickly, and it takes a few minutes to store your URLs on another website. It allows you to save links on other websites and it is done manually by submitting your website’s links to sites such as Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, etc.

As with most bookmarking websites, search engines perceive these saved links as quality links, and you can add titles, descriptions, and keywords. As a result, the title, description, and keywords are saved with the link that works as a backlink anchor text. It’s an excellent method.

2. Article Submission

It refers to obtaining traffic by submitting SEO-optimized content to well-known article directories. It is a long-term SEO practice that helps your website or blog gain more backlinks and improve its PageRank.

This off-page SEO approach requires you to frequently create articles and submit them to third-party websites. You must ensure that articles are submitted to prominent article submission platforms in the appropriate categories. You must also create high-quality articles to get the advantage of this off-page activity.

3. Classified Ads Submission

This is another backlink technique that helps in increasing the rank of a keyword in search results. These ads are placed on third-party channels and include links and other vital information about the website and business you are promoting. There is only one drawback to this is that the advertising is only visible for a few days before being removed. As a result, you must frequently compensate the party.

Classified submission is a great way to promote yourself online. The operator must keep in mind that the advertisement should be brief and concise. Your concept should be defined within the constraints of the space available to you. Make sure to include all relevant information.

4. Blog Submission

It is a crucial off-page optimization action in which you publish blogs to blog submission platforms, blog search engines, and other similar places. It allows you to provide fresh content to your users regularly, encouraging them to return to your site. It is becoming a crucial SEO action for website owners who want to convert their visitors into potential customers. It not only assists you in gaining backlinks and profit but also in establishing a positive relationship with future consumers.

5. Guest Posting

Guest Posting is also called ‘Guest Blogging’. It is a content marketing strategy in which you write for a third-party website or someone else’s website, blog, or publication. A link to your website is normally included somewhere in the text, as well as a small recognition at the end. Generally, you’ll be referred to as a “guest blogger,” and your blog will be scheduled for subsequent publication on the website. In addition to your name, your bio should normally include a photo of yourself and a brief description.

The advantage of guest blogging for SEO is increased brand awareness. Guest blogging allows you to promote your brand on the most popular websites. People who are unfamiliar with your brand will learn about it from a trustworthy source. Some other significant advantages of Guest Posting are :

  • Create natural and high-quality backlinks.
  • Increasing referral traffic.
  • Attract new audiences and gain attention from potential customers
  • Make your online authority stronger.

6. Press Release

A press release is a brief statement created expressly for online distribution. The goal of this content is to attract journalists’ interest in writing about the event, the firm, or its products in reputable news outlets.  It’s an off-page SEO technique that promotes your events, goods, or services on the internet to improve your site’s SEO.

A good press release should be truthful and brief, giving the journalist the gist of the story. If they require additional details, they will contact you. You give yourself a high chance of getting your story across if you have the news material correct and write in the publication’s style.

7. Blog Commenting

When you leave a comment on someone else’s blog, you are building a hyperlink for yourself, which helps you generate traffic indirectly. Blog commenting is a fantastic method to get the word out about your blog. Blog commenting’s conversational tone aids in the development of relationships between bloggers and readers.

Commenting led to discussion, which led to the development of a relationship between the user and the author. The more people talk about you, the more popular you will become. Furthermore, commenting does not only help you gain popularity; it also helps you gain a lot of backlinks and visitors to your website.

8. Business Listing

It’s an online listing for your firm that includes information such as the company’s name, address, and phone number, as well as other essential details. Free business listings are available on several websites, including Foursquare, Justdial, Yelp, and Yellow Pages.

Users can utilize the Business Listing to find products or services that are more specific. A listing in a business directory is important for SEO because it increases site traffic and gives a backlink.

9. Directory Submission

Directory Submission is a technique of submitting your website URL to numerous online directories (websites) to gain backlinks and expand your business. This is an off-page SEO approach for generating links from other websites.

Directory submissions may help to drive visitors to your site and By gaining authoritative backlinks from directories, you can improve your page rank also.

10. Profile Creation

Profile creation sites, also known as profile linking sites, are one of the best types of backlinks and it is the most authoritative way to acquire do-follow backlinks for your website. Without a doubt, profile creation is one of the most effective techniques to improve your website’s SEO and improve its search engine rankings.

It’s a type of online marketing in which a profile is made on several platforms to increase visibility. Profile building is one of the most effective methods for obtaining backlinks and getting the benefit.

Therefore, the 10 types of backlinks mentioned above are important as they help to enhance website traffic, brand authority, SEO ranking, sales, and revenue potential. If you want to become an SEO Expert then enroll in our digital marketing course where you will get deep practical knowledge of SEO along with all the other 40 Modules.

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