10 Best AI Tools For Digital Marketing (Free & Paid Tools 2024)

As we know India is becoming globally better. With this daily changing world there is something which has changed a lot i.e. AI(Artificial Intelligence). There is so much influence of AI in today’s world especially in the field of digital marketing. AI is becoming a backbone for digital marketers. 

AI is a machine intelligence which is giving great competition to the human brain.

One of the best uses of AI is in marketing. It helps to understand the strategies of which we should take advantage. It takes half of the burden on employees. There are so many tools whether it is for analyzing data, creating content and much more.

So today, in this blog we will talk about the 10 best AI tools for digital marketing.

AI tools for Content writing

As we know there are so many AI tools but here we will talk about two AI tools for content writing.

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is the best AI tool for digital marketing. It is beneficial for those whose grammar is not so well and who have problems with the English language. This helps you to correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Its free version is available but limited things which are more than enough. To correct a deep level of grammar you have to buy the pro version of Grammarly.

  1. Jasper

Jasper is a tool which facilitates user creation of material. You can create introduction texts, blog entries, and articles on any subject you like using Jasper’s AI capability. Jasper AI can conduct internet research and create top-notch blog posts with as little as the information you provide.

AI Tools for Social Media

Let’s talk about 2 best AI tools for social media.


The online platform for social media marketing powered by AI is called By studying user behaviours and ad performance data, it optimises advertising campaigns. To maximise ad ROI and increase conversions, marketers can use AI automation to design and manage very specific and customised ad campaigns across numerous social media channels.

  1. Influencity

Influencity is another effective tool you may utilise to better advertise your brand on social media.  You may promote your brand to everybody and quickly reach more people by using influence. Additionally, you may track the influencers you work with more conveniently using the information stored in the application rather than manually filing them.

AI tools for Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

The way that organisations handle Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Management has changed as a result of AI tools for digital marketing. Let’s examine AI SEO techniques and AI social media tools in more detail:

  1. Semrush

Semrush is a multifunctional marketing tool that all businesses, big and small, ought to have. Marketing insights, keyword research, SEO, PPC, competitive analysis, and content marketing are the main services that Semrush provides to those who use it. Semrush also incorporates AI into several of its services to improve user engagement.

  1. Surfer SEO

A guided-by AI on-page SEO tool called Surfer SEO assesses the top pages for a certain term and offers useful recommendations for improving your content. Surfer SEO assists marketers with understanding aspects that affect search engine rankings, keyword density, and content structure by utilising AI algorithms. It assists in producing content that is SEO-friendly and more likely to appear at the top of search engine results.

AI tools for Email marketing

Email marketing is a different set of tools that marketers need to use.

The following systems allow you to send emails with AI:

  1. is one of the websites where you may create graphics and write emails for your business.  Additionally, you may design an action plan for yourself and include schedules, emails, SMS, and push notifications in it. With the AI capability, users can obtain the workflow plan that is best for their businesses.

  1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the most popular and best AI tools for digital marketing. With this tool, you can develop content without any effort. The AI feature of MailChimp is very impressive in that it generates content for you and later on you can edit it according to you. It shows you the open rate also with that you will be able to know how many leads have generated interest through your mail.

AI Tools for Digital Marketing

  1. Flick

One of the best AI tools for digital marketing, Flick is made to improve social media marketing initiatives. It helps marketers locate the best and most popular hashtags, captions, and content suggestions for their posts. Flick uses algorithms based on AI to assist businesses in growing their social media content visibility, audience, and engagement.

  1. Optimove

A platform for artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on CRM and customer retention is called Optimove. Examining client information, behaviours, and preferences, allows marketers to design highly individualised and targeted marketing programmes.


Digital marketing will undergo a huge paradigm shift in 2024 as Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools take centre stage. The solutions we’ve selected for the best AI tools for digital marketing have shown to be revolutionary, changing how companies interact with their target markets and produce results. 

Companies may make choices based on data, provide individualised experiences, and refine their plans for optimum impact by utilising AI in marketing. In today’s changing and quick-paced digital economy, marketers may stay competitive, increase client loyalty, and succeed to greater heights by leveraging AI. 

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