Top 15 Web Developer Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

In a world where everything is getting digitalized and people are shifting their businesses to online mode to sell their products and services. Therefore, web development has increased their demand in the market. When it comes to online businesses people around the world are looking for web developers with technical and creative skills to build their websites. This brings out that there is great competition in web development. So if there is competition then the web development interview will also be challenging.

However, don’t worry about it as LSKDM has brought up 15+ web developer interview questions and answers. This blog presents web development interview questions that are most likely to be asked in an interview.

Web developer interview questions for freshers

Q.1 What is WordPress? 

Ans- WordPress is a free content management software. It allows users to create, manage websites, and publish content. You can manage content using content management even if you have no experience in programming. Thus, WordPress makes it easy for everyone even for those who have no prior knowledge of coding. WordPress is a flexible application that can be used for any type of website including blogging, e-commerce, business, and government sites. It is good for small and large websites both. 

Q.2 What are plugins?

Ans- Plugins are software components that add special functions, features, and enhancements to larger software. In the context of web development, plugins act as an extended capability of the core system. This allows users to expand and customize the function of the website without using coding skills. 

Q.3 How to install WordPress on your device? 

Ans- Before installing WordPress you must have a domain and host for a website. Here are a few steps to install WordPress:

  1. Login to your hosting account- access your hosting account control panel.
  2. Locate WordPress installer- Look for the option like WordPress installer.
  3. Install WordPress- Click Install and follow the steps. You will need to provide information such as your domain name, site title, admin username, and password.              
  4. Access your WordPress site- Once it is installed then you can access your WordPress site by your domain name.

Q.4 What is the difference between a post and a page?

Ans- Post- It includes categories and tags, chronological order, dynamic content, social sharing, comments, and much more. In the post, we have to update it regularly on social media sites. For ex- blogs, images, etc.

Pages- This includes static content, custom templates, and hierarchy. Pages are something that we make at one time for content. For ex- the pages About Us, Contact Us, and Home are on a website.

Q.5 What are the themes in web development?

Ans- A theme refers to pre-designed and pre-built templates, layouts, and some additional things that determine the overall look of the website. Themes provide visually appealing designs and aesthetically pleasing websites.

Web developer interview questions for Job-Seeker

Q.6 What are the characteristics of themes in web development?

Ans- 1. Design & styling

2. Layout structure

3. Templates

4. Responsive designs

5. Customization

6. Additional functionality

7. Plugin compatibility

8. Easy deployment

9. Consistency

10. Time savings

Q.7 List some plugins which we can use in WordPress.

Ans- These are a few pre-installed plugins: 

1. Jet pack

2. Yoast SEO

3. Elementor

4. Mailpoet

5. Woo-commerce

6. WP super cache

7. Classic editor

8. WordPress importer

Q.8 What can we do if a website is taking time to load?

Ans- There are several steps you can use to diagnose and address the issue:

  1. Check your internet connection
  2. Use website speed-testing tools
  3. Optimize images
  4. Enable browser caching
  5. Optimize server performance
  6. Minimize plugins and scripts
  7. Choose lightweight theme  
  8. Use caching plugins

Q.9 What is the difference between a template and a theme?

Ans- Theme refers to the overall layout and design which includes color, font, and style. On the other hand, a template refers to a specific page of a theme. A template defines the content and structure of a page and a theme defines how that template is styled.

Q.10 What is a mobile responsive web design?

Ans- A mobile responsive is a way of designing and developing websites according to user experience across a wide range of devices such as desktop, mobile, tablet, and laptop. The goal of a mobile responsive design is to adjust the website according to layout, content, and functionality based on the device’s use.

Q.11 What is SSL and why is it required?

Ans- SSL is a Secure Sockets Layer. It gives a secure and encrypted connection between a web browser and a web server. SSL ensures that the data transfer between the browser and server should remain confidential. It is required for the following reasons: data encryption, authenticity, trust and credibility, SEO benefits, browser warning, and secure online transactions.

Q.12 What is the header & the footer on a website?

Ans- Header

The header is a top area of the webpage which works as an introduction to the content below. It includes a logo, navigation menu, contact information, search bar, call to action, banners, or sliders.


The footer is a bottom area of the webpage that contains information that is less centric but still a little bit important for the user. It includes copyright information, contact information, navigation links, privacy policy and terms & conditions, site map, and social media links.

Q.13 Tell 5 hosting provider names.

Ans- 1. Hero hosty

2. Hostinger

3. Go Daddy

4. Blue host

5. Dream host

Q.14 What is a name server?

Ans- The name server is also known as the Domain Name Server. It helps to translate user-friendly domain name systems into a numerical form or IP address.

Q.15 What is favicon icon?

Ans- A Favicon icon is a small, square-shaped icon related to websites. It is visible on the browser tab, bookmark, and in the address bar too. It helps users to recognize the website and switch the tabs easily by this visual icon.


We can say that while preparing for web developer interview questions a candidate generally needs proficiency, technical skills, problem-solving, and understanding skills. Here are some key points to remember for developer interview questions i.e., technical proficiency, frameworks and libraries, responsive designs, security, testing and debugging, performance optimization, project experience, soft skills, etc. Through your knowledge and skill, you will be able to crack the interview.

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