25 Email Marketing Interview Questions and Answers in 2024

Are you those who have understood the significance of email marketing? Have you grabbed interviews and are now confused about what to prepare specifically for email marketing? Worry not!! We bring 25 email marketing interview questions and answers in 2024 that cover all aspects of email marketing. and These questions demand basic knowledge expected from freshers and in-depth knowledge from an experienced candidate.

Become a Proficient Email Marketer

Go through the common questions that anyone interested in or applying for an email marketing job must know. These questions can be asked to a fresher or an experienced candidate so if you have an interview, get the answers correct.

Q.1 What is email marketing?

Ans. Email marketing is one of the most impactful online marketing platforms which includes a process of sending electronic mails to potential customers to build a relationship with them.

Q.2 How many emails should be sent to a customer every day?

Ans. You need to carefully build a balance between consistency and frequency of the emails. The ideal number of emails can vary between 2 and 4 every month. 

Q.3 Is there a best time to send emails?

Ans. It usually depends on your target audience and the knowledge about when maximum people are available to open and react to the mail soon. However, most industries send mail in the morning, night, and/or on weekends.

Q.4 Are soft-bounce and hard-bounce emails different?

Ans.Yes. Emails getting soft bounce means that the mail reached the customer’s server but couldn’t get delivered. It is a temporary issue that happens either because the customer’s inbox is full or the content in the mail is heavy.

When an email fails to get delivered is what is known as hard bounce. and It happens when the email address is either invalid or incorrect.

Q.5 Give me an email marketing idea for our company.

Ans. You must research the company and think about 2-3 ideas that can be implemented for the company’s growth, promotion, or new leads. Look out for trending ideas and try to place the company’s product or services in that idea.

Best Email Marketing Interview Questions & Answers For Freshers

Some email marketing interview questions and answers are more significant for candidates entering this world. These questions create a strong foundation for candidates to understand in-depth information about this field.

Q.6 Do you think a good writer can create better emails?

Ans. Yes, when an email marketer knows and understands the power of words and how well they can play the mind of a potential lead, they can use it for the benefit of the company and run a successful campaign.

Q.7 What do you find interesting in email marketing?

Ans. Talk about your introduction to email marketing. If you took a course and created campaigns as practice, you must mention everything about it and the results that you received.

Q.8 How many types of emails are there that can be sent to customers?

Ans. There are 3 types of emails. 

  • Promotional/ Marketing emails that are sent to introduce customers to a new product or service. and It can also be used to send discount offers to grab their attention.
  • Operational emails are sent to update policies etc. 
  • Autoresponders are emails that are sent to inform about confirmation like submission of a form etc.

Q.9 Could you share the significant things that you must consider in the email checklist?

Ans. There are 4 significant things-

  • There shouldn’t be any irrelevant information.
  • All the necessary files must be attached.
  • There shouldn’t be any grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  • The message of the mail must be clear and the subject line should be precise.

Q.10 What is the Click-through Rate?

Ans. It means the percentage of people who have clicked on at least one of your links and were redirected to a different page.

Q.11 What should an email marketer do to test the mail before sharing the campaign?

Ans. You must send a test mail to yourself and people associated with the campaign before sending it to potential customers. This will ensure that everyone in the team is aware of the email and can give feedback or make changes as per their understanding.

Q.12 Are there any causes that can get an email flag by a spam filter?

Ans. Yes, there are many cases-

  • If you are sending a very high volume of emails.
  • If you are sending emails to uninterested and inactive people.
  • If you are using spam trigger words like cash, credit, earn, etc.
  • If you are redirecting people to websites that aren’t secure.

Q.13 Could you tell me 5 crucial aspects of email design?

Ans. These are 5 crucial aspects of email design-

  • Subject line
  • Preview text
  • Call to action button
  • Email Layout
  • Responsive design
  • Dynamic content
  • Footer that includes physical mailing address

Q.14 What do you mean by Open Rate?

Ans. It means the number of people who have opened the email they have received.

Q.15 What is the Unsubscribe Rate?

Ans. It denotes the number of people who have unsubscribed from receiving your email in the future.

Email marketing Interview Questions & Answers for Specialist

Some people already are a part of the industry and looking for a switch. and The email marketing questions mentioned below can help you prepare for the interview. 

Q.16 Can you share the best email marketing campaign that you were involved in?

Ans. You must be prepared for such a question in advance. Talk to the interviewer about the purpose, target audience, factors involved like a landing page, e-commerce, etc., the goals that were set, and if they were met. 

Q.17 How would you know that a campaign is successful?

Ans. These are five reasons for a Successful Campaign –

  • Click Rate
  • Open Rate
  • Subscription Rate
  • Conversions
  • Reply Rate
  • CTR ( Click through Rate)
  • Increase in referral business
  • Increase in website traffic

Q.18 How will you grow our email subscriber list?


  • Use social media to create awareness and highlight offers by the brand.
  • Entice your existing subscribers with exclusive offers that they can share with their friends and family.
  • Never miss a chance to gather email addresses of new and potential customers while attending seminars and public exhibitions.

Q.19 How to prevent emails from landing in spam? 


  • Maintain the length of the subject line to only 50 characters.
  • Avoid using stark colors or characters.
  • Keep your domain name in check.
  • Use email spam checkers.

Q.20 Is there any way to include landing pages in a campaign’s flow? 

Ans. Create a very interesting and eye candy kind of email that redirects the person to the landing which is double the bling than the email.

Q.21 What is the difference between the click-through rate, and the click-to-open rate?

Ans. CTR or Click-through rate represents the percentage of people who clicked on the link in the email after receiving it.

CTOR or click-to-open rate represents the percentage of people who clicked on the link after opening the mail. 

Q.22 Did you try something different when the unsubscribe rate rose?

Ans. Prepare answers to such questions beforehand. You must have tried different strategies when your unsubscribe rate had gone up. Take the interviewer through the process and share the result.

Q.23 Is it important to monitor deliverability health?

Ans. Yes, there’s no way to avoid or prevent them from damaging the campaign. So it is necessary to keep an eye on and work on the solution until it reaches the saturation point.

Q.24 Do you see any drawbacks of email marketing?


  • Spam filters are invasive.
  • There are privacy issues.
  • Inboxes are filled with emails.

Q.25 Share effective methods of email subject lines.

Ans. A witty and catchy subject line goes a long way. Other than that, it must be short, with minimum punctuation, personalized lines, and use of emojis wherever need makes a subject line very effective.


So, there are many email marketing interview questions and answers in 2024 that will be beneficial to crack your interview. Do your research and go through such questions. All the best!!

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