Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses In Delhi 2024

Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

You’ve come across the right place if you’re searching for the best digital marketing courses in Delhi.

We’ve compiled a list of Delhi’s most popular 10 digital marketing courses, complete with coursework,  course timeframe, expenses, placements, and much more.

Before diving into this list, let us explain the expanding context of the digital marketing industry in Delhi.

Digital Marketing’s Scope

From established companies to rising startups, now almost everyone here is familiar with digital marketing. However since Delhi is one of the fastest-growing and largest cities, there seems to be a high demand for marketing services in the industry.

As a result, businesses are on the lookout for new digital marketers to help them stay competitive. Because the numerous requirement for digital marketers outnumbers the supply, companies are paying them well.

Here is The List Of The Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi


Location: Connaught Place (Delhi)

LSKDM is future promising and leading digital marketing institute. Here they have the best faculty which will shape your present to get a better future. They will help to polish your creative thought and perception, which will help you to think according to the market perspective. This leads you to run a successful marketing campaign.

They will fill you up with proper and appropriate guidance. There is no doubt whoever will enroll with them will probably have a bright and promising future. They just do not say things, they make them possible in practicality, however, as there are many institutes in Delhi and they are the best. As they make things work in practical on accords of their words. The healthy and competent environment they provide to their students makes their students shine in the crowd. What else do you need? Let’s read about the course they provide.

They offer various modules in their courses such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, and Email Marketing. Google Analytics and many more. LSKDM has distinguished this course into three for your convenience.

1- Basic

2- Advance

3- Diploma

All of the above course types have a significant key feature. Let’s look into it,

Key features of the BASIC programme-

20+ Modules

10+ Certifications

100%Placement Assistance

Free Premium Paid Tools

3 Bonus Modules

Interview Preparation

Story Telling

Domain Flipping

Key features of the ADVANCE programme-



100%Placement Assistance

Free Premium Paid Tools

Amazon ATES Training

One Month Unpaid Internship with Our Agency

5 Bonus Modules

-Interview Preparation

-Story Telling

-Domain Flipping

-Event Planning


Key features of the DIPLOMA programme-



100%Placement Assistance

Amazon ATES Training

2 Months Paid Internship with Our agency

5 Specialization modules(SEO,SMM,PPC)

Free Premium Paid Tools

5 Bonus Modules

-Interview Preparation

-Story Telling

-Event Planning

-Domain Flipping


Choose the best for your future. LSKDM offers you various modules, which will prepare you with strong ethics of marketing.


Location: Laxmi Nagar

In Delhi, India, the ITTCD is a well-known digital marketing training institute. Manish Kumar Singh, a leading Digital Marketing trainer, has served as the Institute’s director since 2013. The ITTCD encompasses every aspect of digital marketing, such as content creation, SEO, Facebook ads, and integration.

ITTCD India is India’s most prominent digital training institute. We provide the most efficient digital marketing courses available. Their goal is to equip you with the necessary training and resources to grow into an expert in this field. Specialists with years of digital marketing expertise comprise their faculty. The ITTCD provides instruction on the most prevalent digital marketing techniques, such as SEO, SMO, and PPC.

3. Digital Vidya

Location: Pitampura, Delhi

This company began by delivering Social Media workshops and seminars all across India in 2009. However, after their fruitful brief tenure, they decided to introduce a comprehensive certificated digital marketing course in 2013. Which was widely acclaimed, boosting Digital Vidya to the frontline of online training in Asia.

Lately, digital marketing is everywhere. Attaining digital marketing skills is essential whether you want to advance your career or improve your company’s visibility. Indeed, the pandemic has elevated Digital Marketing to the status of a necessary life skill.

The Digital Marketing Career Program (Online) is intended to assist you in developing a thorough understanding of your customers and the different digital channels through which they can be reached.

Major Course Takeaways:-

-Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing techniques as well as their nuances.

-Evaluate online ads, search, and social media, and put them into action with a personalized online presence.

-Unleash the potential and relevance of email marketing.

-A deep dive into the world of content marketing, its impact, and return on investment.

-Promote advocacy on social media platforms.

4. Digital Academy India

Location: Lajpat Nagar

One of India’s top initiatives for training and consulting in digital marketing is termed Digital Academy. In the past two years, they have trained more than 5,000 students across India which enables them to grow both personally and professionally.

A digital component is now essential to any brand’s marketing strategy. How individuals communicate, learn, and consume commodities and stuff has undergone a significant shift as a result of the recent developments in digital technology. More than ever, businesses can connect with their target audiences and actively listen to their feedback to customize their communication, brand, and marketing strategy.

The courses they offer:-

  • Professionals & Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Marketing Certification Course: CPDM
  • Google Adwords Certification Course
  • Certified Digital Marketing Associate Course
  • Short Courses
  • Social Media & Mobile Marketing Course
  • Certification in Search Marketing

5. All India Management Association

Location: Lodi Colony, New Delhi

AIMA collaborates with Digital Vidya, widely regarded as Asia’s top digital marketing agency. When it comes to the innovative opportunities and challenges in the digital realm, They will be preparing you for the variety of interactions with the changing consumer core so you can stay abreast of their demands.

The best thing they are obligated to do is even if students and attendees eventually don’t land their preferred jobs, they still confidently represent themselves in the market as they offer a hands-on, do-it-yourself approach to working on real-time projects. These are chosen by experts so that students can learn about the applications and foundations of digital marketing.

One needs to comprehend the course’s core, domain, and crux in-depth and in detail to become competent in digital marketing.

Major course takeaways:-

-Tools for social media

-Optimisation for search engines

-Utilizing search engines for marketing

-E-mail advertising

-Mobile advertising

-Electronic display advertising

-Content promotion

-Marketing strategy

-PPC (Pay Per Click)

6. EduPristine

Location: Connaught Place, New Delhi

They offer a comprehensive, 40+ module Digital Marketing Course a 150+ hour programme with practical and experiential learning delivered by the best industry trainers. The course exposes students to more than 40 essential tools for the industry.

On the other hand, graduate and postgraduate students still do not typically take courses in digital marketing. This has caused a massive shortage of highly qualified experts who can start their jobs immediately. This also implies that if you start your career in digital marketing right away, you will be in high demand. Your problem has been solved, and EduPristine has created a program with an end-to-end career support system that includes everything from skill-based training to placement support. They train you so that you can start your job right away.

7. Digiperform

Location: Kailash Colony, Delhi

To prepare you for the industry with the most detailed set of digital marketing skills, they offer a thorough digital marketing course in Delhi. They help students acquire a thorough knowledge of digital marketing precepts and how to apply them to promote business growth through an effective digital marketing curriculum. Students will have a solid understanding of digital marketing strategies and techniques by the end of the class.

They offer 50+ digital marketing modules with a 15+massive range of specialized certificates and 321+ hours of the program.

8. Delhi School Of Internet Marketing

Location: Paschim Vihar, Delhi

This institution offers master’s degrees in online marketing through offline and online classrooms. Regardless of the industry, marketing is becoming more and more reliant on digital technology to connect with market segments, manage content, carry out research via web analytics, and other tasks.

Develop your digital marketing abilities. Learn how to do online marketing, generate leads, increase traffic, and boost sales with improved brand awareness and brand management just like the professionals do, to become a digital marketing expert.

Major course takeaways:-

-India’s first institute for digital marketing.

-To date, there is only one PREMIER Google Partner Institute in India.

-Only one has proven to cross 25,680+ trainees.

-947+ batches were completed successfully.

-In India, you were the first to teach subsidiary marketing strategies.

9. Dmapu India

Location: Laxmi Nagar, Delhi

As almost everyone is online, Best Courses from Digital Marketing Institute in East Delhi has been widely adopted by nearly every single industry, so people and companies who want to prosper need to be acquainted with Online Marketing. With the pervasive use of computers and mobile phones, businesses began experimenting with new marketing techniques.

Dmapu is the best institution to go to if you’re interested in creating your online persona because we offer a variety of digital marketing courses like SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, and Email Marketing.

10. Tech Stack

Location: Saket, Delhi

They have years of practical experience working in the Delhi-NCR region and providing Digital Marketing Training. All of their instructors are completely qualified and certified in online marketing, and they hold credentials in the following areas: Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint, Bing, Hubspot, and SalesForce. They receive the best advantages from the internship and digital marketing course in Delhi.

Major course takeaways:-

-100% in-class instruction

-Learn new skills at Techstack Academy

-Case Studies: 25+

-Become a social media manager, influencer marketer, SEO specialist, PPC manager, or digital marketing executive.

-Get 300+ hours of focused instruction in DM over 6 months.

-Make projects that are suitable for your portfolio.

-Launch Your Own Business

-Includes 45 Days of Internship

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