Best Courses After 12th Arts and Humanities Students in 2024

Are you searching for the best courses after 12th arts and humanities?

Which method is best for humanities students?

Should I pursue a B.A. program or honors in a particular subject?

Should I go for any certificate or diploma course with a degree to improve my skills?

Which are the best courses after 12th arts in India?

Most of us face these questions after completing our 12th class especially those who are from the arts stream. The majority of us prefer to go for a BA program or honors as it is easy to study and prepare in comparison to other programs.

Now the question arises: What about career opportunities? Is there any scope after completing a BA program? or is there any future in this field? or is there any employability for BA-passed students?

In comparison to 2022, the employability will increase in 2023. In 2022 it was 44% and now in 2023, it is 49%. Slowly the rate of employment has been increasing in India for those who had humanities in 12th. Most people think that there is no employment for arts students which is sorrowly wrong in modern society.

We all know that every year a large number of students pass out from a humanities background. Humanities are the study of culture, social norms, culture, visual arts, music, and much more.

There is opportunity in the humanities field despite what some people claim. The humanities offer a lot of scope for improvement. Just be sure you have a potential professional path and are competent in your area of expertise.

Career opportunities in the arts or humanities offer some of the most fascinating and appealing professions on the market. Numerous roles are on the job list including journalist, digital marketing specialist, fashion designer, fine arts, and many more courses after 12th arts.

In this blog, we will talk about some career-rewarding best courses after 12th arts in India that will help you boost your skills.

How to identify the ideal career that suits your interests?


Knowing your job interests is essential as these reflect your preferences for a workplace.

Following your professional interest involves finding a profession that appeals to you makes use of your skills, and brings out the best in you.

Making a career decision based on your interests guarantees that you are on the right professional path. It provides numerous advantages, including career achievement, motivation, and job happiness.

Use the methods below to identify your job interests if you’re serious about moving your career in the appropriate direction:

1. Summarise your main interests

Finding your passions will provide you with a solid starting point for your search for the appropriate profession.

Start by examining your typical interests or hobbies to determine your job interests. Think about the interests you have outside of work and school. You might like drawing or reading books. Your passions could inspire you to pursue a writing or artistic career.

2. Create a list of ideas for possible careers

Make a list of possible occupations that meet your general interests and mix them after determining your hobbies and interests. For example, you can take a digital marketer as a career if you have an interest in marketing and business.

When you have to decide which course is best don’t forget to maintain a list of various careers. I will help you decide from the vast range of careers you have mentioned in your career selection list.

3. Research about Careers

After creating a list of occupations that suit your interests, you should reduce your choices and research each employment description. Examine the duties and demands of the position. To assist you in choosing your professional path, be aware of the responsibilities and nature of the job. 

4. Make use of your network

Make contact with those associated with the professions you are interested in after acquiring information about them. Inquire about the job responsibilities. advantages and disadvantages of accepting this position. Your employment possibilities will become more limited if you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of certain jobs.

Best Certification Courses after 12th Arts

Each year, many students choose the art stream as their preferred field of study. Despite widespread misconceptions to the contrary, the art stream is not reserved for students with poor academic performance.

In contrast, there are several chances for art students beyond the 12th grade. For students who selected the Art stream, there are numerous short-term courses, certificate programs, and degree programs available.

The top certification programs for students majoring in the arts following their 12th class are as follows:

1. Digital Marketing Certificate

As we all know, one of the most popular courses right now is digital marketing. Its worth in the market has been rising. By 2025, there should be more opportunities for employment in this sector. The sector is currently reported to be suffering from a lack of skilled digital marketers. So it’s clear that there is a big possibility to develop a profession in this area.

What will digital marketing serve in the future?

The scope of digital marketing has been increasing day by day. Many agencies and businesses have started to utilize the field of digital marketing to get a good amount of results.

Many businesses have been shifting their work online as it is cheaper in comparison to offline businesses. If we look at COVID-19 most businesses have already shifted their business to online platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and many more. It is expected to increase the future scope of digital marketing which is very vast. If you want to go with the trend and complete your certification course in digital marketing then it is the best time as the demand is increasing day by day for different skills.

Scope in Digital Marketing after 12th

You can see more opportunities with time in the future. The scope of digital marketing is very vast as expected. It is the fastest-growing industry nowadays. If you are thinking of going with this trending career then make sure to increase and improve your skills and keep the attitude of learning new things as we know trends and strategies always change with time so in this field you have to keep yourself up to date.

After completing your 12th you can opt to learn a digital marketing course as there are so many institutes that provide it. Whenever you choose an institute for yourself or anyone make sure to check the environment of that institute. The staff should be in a friendly and comfortable environment like LSKDM.

Best digital marketing institute in india

LSKDM is one of the best digital marketing institutes in India. They have trained many students to make their careers bright in digital marketing. They have a highly qualified staff who are experts in digital marketing. LSKDM focuses on practical training more than theoretical training.

Now let’s check out their courses in digital marketing:

The courses which they offer are- basic, advanced and diploma.

Basic- 3 Months

Advanced- 4 Months

Diploma- 6 Months Course Key Features

Basic –

20+ Modules, 100% Placement Assistance, 10+Certifications, Free Premium Paid Tools, 3 Bonus Modules – Freelancing as a Career.

Advanced –

30+ Modules, 15+Certifications, 100% Placement Assistance, Free  Premium Paid Tools, and 5 Bonus Modules, 1 Month unpaid internship (Freelancing as a career, Domain Flipping, Personality Development, Podcast Marketing).

Diploma –

35+Modules, 20+Certifications, 05 Bonus Modules, 100% Placement Assistance, Amazon ATES Training, 2 Month Paid Internship with Our Agency, Specialization in one of these Modules(SEO, SMM, PPC), Free Premium Paid Tools, 5 Bonus Modules.

Course Highlights

  • Practical & Advance Training
  • Certified Experts & Trainers
  • Work On Live Projects
  • Access to Premium Tools for 1 year
  • 100% Job Assistance
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Backup Classes
  • Globally Recognized Certificates
  • 24*7 Student Support
  • Course Upgradation After 1 Month
  • Interview Preparation Session
  • Interactive Classes

Course features

1. (Personal Attention 1-1 Mentoring) – To deliver the best quality in our training, if any student requires personal mentorship. then they can book a session with our mentor for doubts and questions.

2. (50+ Industry Tools)- In this course, you will get the knowledge of 50+tools which is used in our industry and such devices are WordPress, Elementor, Canva, Ahrefs, Semrush, Ubersuggest, Buffer, Mailchimp, Active Campaign, etc.

3. (Training with Live Projects) – Students can get knowledge of live projects and get a chance to work with live projects.

4. (Specialization ) – Once you start learning the course. then you will learn about the basics and interest in digital marketing, and you can select any of your best modules in which we can make you an expert on that particular topic like Google ads, or SEO Expert.

5. (AI-BASED Modules) – Guys 2023 is going on don’t you require AI tools knowledge, we will tell you how to use them in digital marketing.

2. Animation


Most entry-level courses in animation qualify for certification. In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of animation, giving them a good start in their professional careers. This certification program is available after the 12th grade. The course’s specific goal is to help students enhance their talents and offer live sessions where they may learn useful information to design a project.

The available courses are the following:

  • 3d Animation
  • 2d Animation & film making
  • Gaming Course
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Designing
  • BVOC gaming & VFX

The topic that you might study in this course is as follows.

  • Performance for Animation
  • Foundation Basic and Advanced Animation
  • Body Animation
  • Character Design

3. Certificate in Event Management

Certificate in Event Management

After completing their 12th-grade year, motivated students can enroll in this program. Today, there is a thriving market for event management that you can join to advance your career. All you need are effective presenting and organizational skills, along with a strong work ethic in challenging circumstances.

The course’s subjects are listed below for your reference.

  • Budget and event planning
  • branding and promoting brands
  • Advertising and Logistics

This is one of the best courses after 12th arts.

4. Travel & Tourism

Travel & Tourism

The hotel sector is all about providing the finest possible customer service. The goal for hospitality experts should be customer excellence and satisfaction, whether in the field of cuisine, travel, or leisure activities. This calls for both in-depth subject expertise and a basic understanding of how the sector functions.

The course’s subjects are listed below for your reference.

  • Guidelines for tourism.
  • Management guiding principles.
  • Aviation Administration.
  • Tourism Management.
  • We are managing customer service.
  • Management of public relations and business communication.
  • Event Administration.
  • Industry analysis and profile data.

These are the art certification courses you can enroll in following your 12th-grade graduation to help launch your career.

You can study a variety of degree programs in the arts with a variety of job prospects after completing your 12th-grade education.

Degree in arts career option after 12th

1. Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Bachelor of Arts

A three-year undergraduate program leading to a bachelor of arts is broken up into six distinct semesters. After finishing their 12th grade in the arts/humanities stream, students have the option of pursuing a BA in a variety of topics, including languages such as Hindi, English, Economics, and an extensive array of others.

Getting a BA with honors in the field of study of your choice will provide you the chance to develop new talents and boost your writing and vocal communication abilities.

You can work in a variety of professions with a B.A. with an honors degree, including academia, travel and tourism, hospitality, and banking.

2. Bachelor in Business Administrative (BBA)

Bachelor in Business Administrative

The phrase’s full version is a bachelor of business administration. Following Class 12, the BBA is one of the most well-liked and sought-after bachelor’s degree programs for students majoring in the arts or humanities.

Merit-based admissions are given for BBA programs, in addition to entrance exam results.

The BBA program is a three-year professional undergraduate Business Management program.

The course will assist the students in understanding numerous aspects of business administration and management through classroom lectures and practical activities like internships.

In this course, students will study a variety of business administration topics, the market, marketing trends, etc.

3. Bachelor of Fashion Design (BFD)

Bachelor of Fashion Design

One of the top courses in the arts stream after the 12th grade is BFD. B.F.D. programs last between three and four years, and graduates are placed in reputable fashion companies.

Students learn how to create unique apparel, jewelry, footwear, and other products while studying the most recent fashion trends in this course.

It is also one of the best arts courses available after the 12th grade since it teaches students how to use a variety of imaginative and analytical techniques to develop products that correspond with current market trends.

4. Bachelor in Journalism & Mass Communications (BJMC)

Bachelor in Journalism & Mass Communications

A bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication requires a three-year study.  

Journalism, which is broadcasting and television production, writing, advertising, managing events, social media, cinema studies, and other topics are included in the course curriculum.

Therefore the delivery of courses, subjects, and projects, and the course syllabus are skillfully created so that students can improve their professional understanding and interpersonal abilities.

Some universities have their entrance exam for those interested in a career in media and journalism.

5. Fine arts bachelor’s degree (BFA)

Fine arts bachelor’s degree

If you feel like your possibilities are restricted after the 12th grade, a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) serves as one of the most popular degrees in the arts stream.

For students who desire to develop their creative flare, this course is ideal.

 The BFA covers all three types of art: performing, visual, and fine.

Fine arts education is one of the best higher-learning career options for art students.


We’re hoping that by responding to some straightforward inquiries like “What should I do after the 12th?” and “Which are the best courses after the 12th arts?” we can help people and be more in line with the earlier instructions by following that, you might verify factors like:

  • The course’s cost
  • The degree of difficulty
  • The duration of the program
  • Using these factors, you may certainly locate the best path and focus on terrific work with a high pay scale.

These are the permanent courses after 12th in arts.

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