Refer and Earn LSKDM

LSKDM’s Refer and Earn Program

Refer LSKDM Digital Marketing Programs & get up to ₹20,000 referral benefits for you and your referee.

It’s a mutually beneficial opportunity for everyone involved!

How does LSKDM Refer and Earn work?

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30 Min Training

Our team will provide you a 30 minute training to make you understand how you can promote our courses

Unique code

We’ll send you a unique code which you can share with people who are interested for the course


On successful admission via your code you’ll earn a comission

An opportunity for you to refer and earn up to ₹15,000

Benefits of Refer and Earn

Program Type
Basic In DM
Advance In DM
Diploma In DM

Online Course

Online Course

LSKDM’s Refer and Earn Program

Referrer Benefit (Affiliate Partner)

The referrer gets a referral benefit after 50% fee receive by referee

Here’s a detailed information of how much you can earn on each successful referral:

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