What are google ads and how is it beneficial for business?

Google Ads

If you’re asking what is google ads, then you’re about to get lucky. Understanding what google ads can do for your business and how they will benefit you will surely allow you to take your business to the next level by utilizing your current resources and promoting your business.

Google ads are a form of online advertising through which you’ll be able to create and distribute ads on the google platform. Developed for businesses, through google ads businesses are able to bid to display advertisements on the search engines.

Currently hosting 4.3 billion users worldwide, google is a hub that includes an impressionable audience. For any business to get access to it means that they’ll be able to reach their target audience and will be able to give them what they need.

Benefits Of Google Ads For Businesses 

If you are looking for the benefits of google ads, then you’ll be surprised to know how much your business needs them.

While you have just heard and explored google ads, it had already been introduced to the public in 2000. Since then many businesses have used this tool to advertise and promote their business online. With many finding the client base they needed, and others putting up a separate budget for google ads. 

There are many benefits of google ads, every feature and aspect of it ends up being a plus point which, if used correctly will be a boon for any business. You can find more about how google ads benefit your business from the information below.

  • Marketers are able to create ads that are distributed to millions of websites worldwide.
  • Ads can be customized so that they suit every diverse business/product and audience.
  • A single campaign is able to reach new audiences and establish new clients.
  • Advertisers can target different locations, numbers, demographics, factors, and niches.
  • Businesses can put out different types of ads according to their capability.
  • These ads derive instant results and most importantly, are available at an affordable price, which helps advertisers to stand apart from competitors.
  • The good thing is that you can examine how well your ads are going by checking out the audience, leads, and website traffic it brings.

While there are endless benefits of google ads you need to know that if you’re running a small business then google ads can be your biggest ally.

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, running your business what you need is to make enough sales to push your business to the next level. A lot of businesses fail to understand what they need to do. 

The need for google ads is often realized on the learning curve while running a business. One of the most vital benefits of google ads is that you can put your ads on the keywords which people are already searching for, ex if you sell baked goods online then you can insert your ads on the search results of people who want to buy baked goods. This allows you to target people who are looking for what you can provide. 

Going through the information above, you must have realized that your business needs google ads, but below in the article, you’ll find even more valuable information which will allow you to utilize google ads to its maximum capability.

Google ads allow businesses to reach their maximum capacity. Through search engine marketing you’ll be able to increase your brand awareness which will help build a foundation for your business. 

Along with the ads, you’ll get access to the stats from which you can measure the performance of each campaign and design the next campaign.

Different types of google ads you should know about

Something else you should be aware of is that there are different types of google ads that you can use according to your need and budget. Here below are some of the basic types mentioned:

  • Search Network Campaign- These Google ads types are in text, you can usually find them on the Google search engine result page, which are related to your queries.
  • Display Network Campaigns- These are image ads also called display ads that are common on websites on which customers mostly visit like Gmail or YouTube. One of the effective ways to improve brand awareness is through image ads campaigns.
  • Video Ads- Video ads are the most worthful types of Google ads that keep your audience engaged. These video ads last long for up to seconds showed on YouTube and many related websites.
  • Shopping Ads- These product based ads are displayed on the Google search page, which comes with a descriptive list like product price and other related details. These ads are best to boost up your website traffic, which ultimately brings sales.

How to grow your business with google ads?

Now that we have covered what you needed to know, we can give you some extra tips that will help you run Google ads for your business. Especially what to focus on with google ads.

Knowing the basic types of Google ads there is one type that you should definitely focus on when you’re starting and even later in your career.

Display ads are basically an ad type that combines text, image, and a URL that will link to your website through which people can know more about your product.

Setting up a display ad at the right place you can conjure up a lot of clients who’ll be needing your services and help your business grow.

Another most beneficial ad types is the performance max ad campaign. Also known as the Pmax ad campaign. This allows marketers to put up different types of ads in a single campaign.

Going into details, performance max campaigns are actually a mix between automation and machine learning. A very adaptable ad type, it allows advertisers to achieve their conversion goals. It simply lets you improve your product or service brand awareness through google with just the help of this max campaign.

Not to mention that you’ll be able to reach new potential customers on Display, Search, Maps, Discover feeds, Youtube, and even Gmail.

Performance max is an all-in-one campaign that you should definitely try and trust for the success of your business.


Hopefully, the above information is enough for you to start your first campaign. While there will always be something new to learn, the information above is all you need to know for your first campaign.

Doing search engine marketing you always have to take a look at your stats and see which areas of your marketing you need to improve and which parts of the market you can take business from.

Running a google ads campaign is surely not an easy task but if done right will be beneficial for your business. As you must know that more experience will benefit you so you can always learn from the experience of other firms and then plan your next marketing campaigns.

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