Our Courses

Our institute is unique in that we focus solely on providing digital marketing education, taught by experienced professionals in the field. We offer a variety of flexible programs to cater to the individual goals of each learner. You can select from the following options.

Offline Course

03 Months


Basic Digital Marketing Course

For those who are looking to begin a career in Digital Marketing.

Offline Course

04 Months


Advance Digital Marketing Course

Begins careers in a more promising field of Digital Marketing.

Offline Course

06 Months


Diploma Digital Marketing Course

Seeks in-depth practical Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Course Modules

Module 1

Introduction of Digital Marketing, LSKDM
Introduction of Digital Marketing
1. What is digital marketing? 
2. Why Digital Marketing is important?
3. Types of Digital Marketing .

Module 2

Mobile Optimization, LSKDM
Mobile Optimization
1. What is Mobile Optimization.
2. why is it Important. 
3. How to Make mobile friendly Website for good user experience.

Module 3

Copywriting, LSKDM
1. What is copywriting?
2. Strategies for copywriting
3. Write effective copywriting
4. Copywriting for ad copy

Module 4

Blogging, LSKDM
1. What is Blogging ?
2. How to write Blogs ?
3. Rank your blogs 
4. How to earn from Blogging.

Module 5

Youtube Optimization, LSKDM
Youtube Optimization
1. What is youtube optimization?
2. Optimize title, description with keywords.
3. Strategies for youtube SEO

Module 6

Sales & Pitching, LSKDM
Sales & Pitching
1. Concept of Sales pitch
2. How to start sales pitching
3. Know the detailed framework for pitching

Module 7

Understanding Marketing Funnels, LSKDM
Understanding Marketing Funnels
1. What is Marketing Funnel?
2. Understanding the stages of the Marketing Funnel i.e. TOFU, MOFU and BOFU.
3. Why Marketing Funnels are Important.
4. How to create Markeing Funnel.

Module 8

Google Ads, LSKDM
Google Ads
1. What is google ads?
2. Types of google ads
3. How do Google ads work?
4. Strategies to make a campaign

Module 9

Facebook Ads, LSKDM
Facebook Ads
1. Introduction to facebook ads
2. Types of facebook ads
3. Organization of facebook ad campaign
4. Engaging copy & visuals
5. Facebook Pixel

Module 10

Google My Business Optimization
1. How to make GMB profile?
2. Optimization of GMB profile
3. How does it works?
4. GMB ranking factors

Module 11

Instagram Marketing, LSKDM
Instagram Marketing
1. Instagram profile creation
2. Optimize instagram profile & feed
3. Make creative content
4. Strategies to increase engagement

Module 12

Neuromarketing, LSKDM
1. What is Neuromarketing & how it affects?
2. How it works & its strategies?
3. Techniques of neuromarketing

Module 13

Digital Marketing Strategy, LSKDM
Digital Marketing Strategy
1. What is digital marketing?
2. Why Digital Marketing is important?
3. Types of Digital Marketing.

Module 14

Search Engine Optimization, LSKDM
Search Engine Optimization
1. Understanding SEO.
2. Why it is important for Website Ranking.
3. Understanding On-Page SEO, Off Page SEO and Technical SEO.
4. Keyword Research.
5. Content Creation.

Module 15

Instagram Ads, LSKDM
Instagram Ads
1. Types of instagram ads.
2. Generate sales
3. Boost your post.
4. Track your ad performance.

Module 16

Google Adsense, LSKDM
Google Adsense
1. What is Google Adsense & how it works?
2. How to earn with adsense
3. Monetize your website
4. Increase ad revenue

Module 17

Facebook Marketing, LSKDM
Facebook Marketing
1. What is Facebook marketing?
2. Create & optimize facebook page
3. How to create a Facebook marketing strategy?
4. Use of Facebook analytics to record & improve results.

Module 18

Event Marketing, LSKDM
Event Marketing
1. What is event marketing?
2. Strategies of event marketing
3. Enhance brand value & uplift business.
4. Plan marketing of an event

Module 19

Canva Design Creation, LSKDM
Canva Design Creation
1. Learn graphic designing on Canva?
2. Create social media or blog posts
3. Make banners, brochures, & cards for marketing.
4. Make templates using elements

Module 20

Google Analytics, LSKDM
Google Analytics
1. Use of Google Analytics
2. Analyse website performance
3. Create events
4. Get detailed insights of your business

Module 21

Linkedin Ads, LSKDM
Linkedin Ads
1. Introduction to linkedin ads
2. Boost your business
3. Make campaigns with targeted audience
4. B2B & B2C lead generation

Module 22

Story Telling, LSKDM
Story Telling
1. What is storytelling?
2. How to do effective storytelling
3. Deliver your brand story.
4. Connect with customers through a story

Module 23

Linkedin Marketing, LSKDM
Linkedin Marketing
1. Create Linkedin profile and page.
2. Optimize your Linkedin Profile.
3. Rank higher in linkedin searches 

Module 24

SMS Marketing, LSKDM
SMS Marketing
1. What is SMS marketing?
2. Build brand awareness.
3. Build straight connections with customers
4. Genrate potential leads

Module 25

Basic of Website Optimization, LSKDM
Basic of Website Optimization
1. How to choose domain and hosting.
2. Make website with wordpress .
3. Build website with theme and elementor.
4. Make business and ecommerce websites.

Module 26

Affiliate Marketing, LSKDM
Affiliate Marketing
1. Know Affiliate marketing.
2. How do Affiliate marketers earn?
3. How to become an affiliate marketer?
4. Affiliate marketing platforms

Module 27

Quora Ads, LSKDM
Quora Ads
1. Introduction to Quora ads.
2. Optimize Quora profile.
3. Learn campaign setup.
4. How does Quora ads work?

Module 28

Google Data Studio, LSKDM
Google Data Studio
1. Introduction to Google Data studio
2. Create reports through data sources
3. Visualize your own data
4. Send scheduled reports

Module 29

Influncer Marketing, LSKDM
Influencer Marketing
1. What is influencer marketing?
2. How effective Influencer marketing is?
3. Strategic influencer marketing campaigns.
4. Increase social engagement

Module 30

Marketing Place Selling-Amazon, LSKDM
Market Place Selling-Amazon
1. What is marketplace selling on Amazon?
2. Become a marketplace seller on Amazon or any other website.
3. How does Amazon marketplace work?
4. Know the fee structure of marketplace

Module 31

Social Media Marketing, LSKDM
Social Media Marketing
1. Strategies for marketing on social media.
2. Grow business with SMM.
3. Learn campaign setup in all social media platforms.

Module 32

Lead Generation, LSKDM
Lead Generation
1. What is lead generation?
2. Strategies to generate leads
3. Generate leads from lead magnet
4. Generate leads through social media or website

Module 33

Content Marketing Strategy, LSKDM
Content Marketing Strategy
1. What is content marketing?
2. Its importance & benefits.
3. Types of content.
4. Strategies for effective content marketing.

Module 34

Snapchat Marketing, LSKDM
1. Snapchat marketing
2. Optimize Snapchat profile
3. Run ads on Snapchat
4. Strategies for ad campaign

Module 35

Soft SKills, LSKDM
Soft Skills
1. Why Soft skills important for digital marketers?
2. Social skills, creativity, multitasking skills.
3. Learn effective communication.
4. Know Manipulating , collaboration & analysis skills.

Module 36

Branding & Personal Managemnet, LSKDM
Branding & Personal Management
1. What is personal branding?
2. Strategy for personal branding & management.
3. 5 Cs of personal branding
4. Improve Branding & Personal Management

Module 37

Email Marketing, LSKDM
Email Marketing
1. Introduction to email marketing.
2. Types of emails.
3. Learn email marketing through mailchimp.
4. Learn email automations.

Module 38

Google Search Console, LSKDM
Google Search Console
1. Introduction to Google Search Console
2. Track website traffic.
3. Improves website SERP positions
4. Analyse clicks, impressions, etc

Module 39

Whatsapp Marketing, LSKDM
Whatsapp Marketing
1. How to use WhatsApp for marketing?
2. Whatsapp marketing strategies.
3. Build connections with customers.
4. Higher conversion possibilities.

Module 40

Interview Preperation, LSKDM
Interview Preperation
1. How to prepare for an interview?
2. How to deliver relevant & precise answers.
3. Make killer resume.
4. Tips for interview preparation.

Module 41

Content Writing LSKDM
Content Writing
1. Types of Content Writing.
2. How to write engaging content.
3. How to use keywords.
4. Write SEO friendly content.

Module 42

Online Reputation Management LSKDM
Online Reputation Management
1. What is ORM?
2. Importance of online reputation for a business.
3. Strategies to manage brands Online Reputation.