Best Google Adwords course in Laxmi Nagar


What is Google Ads / PPC ?

PPC stands for pay-per-click advertising, which allows you to advertise on Google and reach a large audience of individuals looking for your products, services, or information. Millions of websites and businesses across the world use Google PPC: it’s a powerful, cost-effective approach to create brand awareness and deliver quality traffic to your site, increasing sales and other conversions and Google Adwords course in Laxmi Nagar  will provide best  training to make you industry expert .


Types Of Google Ads

App Promotion

Mobile app advertising is a way for app developers to make money in their apps by serving ads within the apps.

Display ads

Display ads are “push” advertising. Thse ads are paid placements that appear based on various targeting parameters.

Search ads

Search ads is popular forms of PPC ads in which brands pay to have their ads displayed above and below organic SERP when users search certain keywords.

Shopping ads

Shopping ads are ads that include rich product information, such as a product image, price, and merchant name.

video ads

The process of showing ads within online video content — usually before, during, or after a video stream – is known as video advertising.

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Obviously, there are other institutions too, but Lskdm offers you the best Google Adwords course in laxmi nagar because Firstly, it is important to incorporate practical lessons in courses while having theoretical part, to make you industry-ready and learning that helps develop expertise. Secondly, we have experienced and professional mentors. That is why LSKDM is the best institute.

Above all, We are a team of experienced Digital Marketers who are devoted to teaching Digital Marketing professionally, dedicatedly, and passionately. Our Mentors have mastered Digital Marketing certification from top Notch institutions of Delhi. Also, they carry an inspiring personalities and behavior.Moreover, you will get 40+ modules of Digital Marketing with live and interactive training sessions. While focusing more on the practical exposure we make sure that our students outshine in the crowd.

Thus, we aim to develop young minds from Basics to technical, strategic and analytical approach to Digital Marketing.


Topics covered in Google Ads are :

1. An introduction to PPC and Google ads

2. Setting up a Google account

3. Types of Google advertising

4. Ads account limits

5. What is CTR, CPC, and more

6. IP address exclusion

7. Introduction to the campaign and its types

8. How to create your first campaign

9. Types of Bidding

10. Ad scheduling and Quality score.

Frequently asked questions

It is a Google advertising service which allows businesses get featured in Google search engine and Google Display Network. Google’s search engine and it’s partner sites display online advertisements based on multiple factors such as keywords, interests, topics, demographics, etc.

It allows the advertiser to set a monthly budget and pay when people click on their advertisements. Google has created a platform to help businesses reach their customers instantly.

One of the merit of Google AdWords over social media marketing platforms is the intent of users. As it’s a part of inbound marketing, users who are in need of a product or service click the ads and visit the website, thus the conversion rate should be much higher than the social media marketing visitors.

The advantage of PPC over organic marketing is, the number of visitors it brings in a short span of time. If a business need to quickly advertise their products/services, Google AdWords can be the best marketing platform to increase conversion. It helps you target the right customers at the right time.



The most common Google AdWords interview question, Google AdWords’s Quality Score is a rating given based on multiple factors like relevancy of keywords used, Click through rate, landing page quality and relevance, ad text relevant and the historical performance of the ads account performance.

Google AdWords gives Quality score to each keyword on a scale of 1 to 10 and includes expected CTR, ad relevance and landing page experience. Basically, it’s a measurement of how relevant your ad to the user’s intent. Better the quality score, ad rank will get improved without spending more.


 Ad Rank is the position of an ad on Google page and determined by the bid amount, ad quality, ad thresholds, the competition, the context of the user’s search and the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats.

A good ad rank makes sure the ad gets more visibility than the others. Ad rank is recalculated every time the ad is eligible to appear, so the ad position can fluctuate every time depending on the above factors.

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