Career Options For College Dropouts in India

Career Options For College Dropouts

Are you thinking of dropping out from college but still struggling to find the best career options for college dropouts in India? 

When you enroll in college but later decide to leave before graduating, you are said to have dropped out of college. You still have a wide range of professional alternatives if you choose to walk out. Some people may discover that making this decision creates new chances that enable them to discover their true passions, set goals for their careers, and make plans. 

In this blog post, we look at whether this would be a sensible decision for you, discuss what to do after college, and name jobs you might want to consider when deciding what to do next.

Is leaving college a good idea?

Although quitting college is a major decision, for some people it may be the best choice. Here are several factors for thinking about quitting school:

  • a severe condition or harm
  • a personal emergency
  • lack of resources to continue
  • academic challenge
  • significant changes outside of school
  • the desire to examine your life’s course

How to proceed after leaving college?

Following your college graduation dropout, you might want to consider the following steps:

Look for a placement

A wonderful approach to getting professional and academic experience beyond a college environment is through an employment opportunity. You can discover a placement that fits your interests, schedule, and financial requirements, whether it is full- or part-time. After the placement is over, a positive experience can even result in a job offer.

Grab a start-up job

You can earn money during the time of learning your course. This will help you to gain experience in an entry-level position. Later on in the future, it will help you to build your resume better. This will build your ability to expand your network in an industry.

Attend classes

Even though completing a whole load of college courses might not have been the ideal option for you, taking one or two classes at once might be advantageous. Registering for classes at a nearby college or online school is an option. You might be able to complete this with college credit and in a method that fits your needs and way of life.

Consider your favorable experience

You might have gained useful life lessons from your time in college. Think about certain skills you might have developed, like managing your time or thinking critically. 

Careers to look into after dropping out of graduating in India

If you think that dropping out of college is advantageous for you then you should stick to your decision of dropping out. Fortunately, there are so many career options available to choose for college dropouts in  India. This shows that you can find jobs in your interest and experience. Here are a few jobs for dropped-out students with salary.

1. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing course by LSKDM at Connaught Place

A digital marketer’s job is to create, execute, and oversee online marketing plans for promoting goods, services, or brands through different digital platforms. To contact and interact with target audiences, encourage conversions, and accomplish corporate objectives, digital marketers use the internet and technology. The average salary in digital marketing is 3.0 lakhs per annum in India.

2. Photographer

Photographer as a career option

A professional who employs photography and lighting equipment and techniques to take pictures using a digital camera is referred to as a photographer. In addition to assessing a photo’s layout, they market and sell their services, use photo-editing software to improve a subject’s overall look, keep their photographic equipment in good working order, and connect with clients to arrange photo shoots. Even if you drop out of college, you may increase your chances of getting work as a photographer through quick courses and seminars. In India, a photographer makes approximately 3.5 lakh rupees a year.

3. Writer

Content writer as a career option

Writers provide text for print or internet platforms. Before presenting their work, they revise and reread it for accuracy in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Additionally, authors promote and share their writing. There are many different kinds of writers, such as bloggers, journalists, and authors. In India, a writer makes a yearly median pay of 3.0 lakhs per year.

4. Editor

Editor as a career option

Editor is one of the best career options for college dropouts in India. Content is planned by editors for print or online sources. They consider several story concepts and decide what details readers could find most fascinating or useful. Additionally, editors examine written material and fix any spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Additionally, they help authors improve and provide headline or title recommendations while making sure all content complies with style guidelines. In India, an editor makes a yearly income of 4.0 lakh.

5. Salespeople

Salesperson as career option

Salespeople use different forms of ways to market and sell goods and services. They make convincing cases to persuade potential clients that they require the products they are selling. To identify their needs and make the best product and service recommendations, they analyze both current and potential clients. Salespeople foster good ties with clients’ businesses and customers. The average salary of salespeople is 2.4 lakhs per annum in India.

6. Videographer

Videography as a career option

Videographers use a variety of technological media to record moving images. Together with their customer and the creative team, they arrange video sessions. They edit film afterward, set up and operate their video devices, and direct other camera operators to get the appropriate shots. While some videographers specialize in covering sporting events, others film weddings. Similar to a photographic career, taking workshops and classes to enhance your skills in videography might increase your job possibilities. The average salary of a videographer is 3.6 lakhs per annum in India.

7. Gym instructor

Gym instuctor as a career option

A fitness instructor or trainer offers advice on improving one’s wellness to clients. For both people and groups of people, a fitness trainer develops personalized wellness and physical activity plans. They give clients schedules for exercise depending on their physical requirements and track their development. The average salary of a gym instructor is 4.0 lakhs per annum.

8. Makeup artist

Makeup artist as a career option

Makeup artists are professionals in the beauty industry who specialize in substitute creation or basic makeup. Their main responsibilities include applying makeup to improve facial appearance, designing typical looks for clients, and collaborating with performers on film sets. The average salary of a makeup artist is 3.0 lakhs per annum in India.


Even though dropping college in India can initially be difficult, one’s career dreams do not necessarily have to be over. College dropouts can succeed and contribute significantly to a variety of industries with dedication, attention to skill development, and an organized strategy for creating a career. It is important to think that everyone has a different path and their success can be different from others. Especially in terms of finance, societal effects, and personal problems.


Q.1 Is there any suggestion I can do after dropping out of college?

A. You independently decided to stop attending college. If you are not pleased with a course, you have the choice to fully drop it. You can go with your interests and hobbies to opt for a career. There are many career options for college dropouts in India from which you can select.

Q.2 How should I describe my college dropout on a resume or in an interview?

A. In this situation you should be honest with your situation when an interviewer asks about it and focus on skills that you started gaining after dropping out from college.

Q.3 Can I go back to college if my mind gets changed?

A. You can return to your college, but you’ll need to re-enroll. You must conduct a study into it.

Q.4 How will I be able to manage the societal pressure of dropping out?

A. The solution to this problem is simple you just need to focus on yourself and your goals. We know people always gonna talk no matter what you are doing. So enhance your personal growth.

Q.5 Will dropping out affect my future career?

A. At some point yes, it will affect your career but don’t get demotivated with this because this thing depends on your skills, experience, and networking. And there are so many career options for college dropouts in India.

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