10 Types of Websites you can build with WordPress

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Most people consider WordPress for blogging, which is perfectly understandable. But suppose, if I told you that you still need to learn of many websites you can build on WordPress. What if I tell you that you can use WordPress for a lot more than just blogging? In this blog, I will demonstrate a variety of websites which you can build with WordPress.

Let’s dive in!

Before we discuss which types of websites WordPress can create, let’s describe WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a web-based content management system that is considered necessary for one’s website to feature. It functions as a liaison for you, the content creator, and your viewers.

You develop, personalize, and create content in the back end (aka your dashboard). Then it exhibits your work to viewers in simple and user-friendly functionality. In brief, WordPress tends to make your content more legible and enjoyable for your audience.

However, WordPress is more than just a website-building platform. WordPress is, in fact, the indisputable dominant player in the management system market, accelerating 43% of all websites worldwide.

Now let’s move forward and let’s get amazed at how WordPress can build a different website.

Types of websites you can build with WordPress 

Moving on, let’s have a quick look at the various types of websites that can be created with WordPress. We categorized the websites into ten major categories, which are as follows:

1. Personal Website/ Blogging

2. Window Shop/ Online Store

3. Business Website

4. Professional Portfolio

5. Podcast

6. E-Commerce

7. Online Course

8. Directory/ Wiki

9. Forum/ Social Network

10. Media and News

1- Personal Website/ Blogging

Blogging is almost certainly the most common use of WordPress and the most well-known utilization of this platform. Placing up a blog on WordPress is simple, and the customization process is clear-cut.

However, you are not required to blog in order to establish your own online presence. You can use WordPress to create a site that you can personalize to your liking and demonstrate any type of content.

For example, you can design a temporary gaming website that can be used as an online hub for various games. You can proclaim all of the information that everyone must be aware of about the features there.

Alternatively, you can make a website in which you keep your happy memories – pictures, videos, stories, and so on. Something resembling a diary.

We’ll leave it up to your intellect.

2. Window Shop/ Online Store

Window shopping is another popular reason for people to have an online presence. You can use WordPress to create a website dedicated to selling virtually almost everything online. The platform includes everything you need to begin and expand an online marketplace on your own or even with your team.

If you already own a WordPress website, everything you must do now is configures it by implementing WooCommerce, the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin.  

3. Business Website

If you’re here because you have a business concept in your mind, then you can create a business website with WordPress. Where you can introduce and promote your offerings, hire team members, start a side project, tell your audience about your recent work, and create a bulletin of your possible explanation, WordPress is the forum to try.

4. Professional Portfolio

A portfolio website is required if you work in a sector in which actual projects demonstrate your strengths. WordPress allows you to create absolutely incredible portfolios that you can then personalize for a more personalized connection.

You could be a freshman who expects exposure in essence to get recruited, in which scenario a portfolio could assist. WordPress is a low-cost, brilliant way to publish your work online with less exertion.

5. Podcast

If you want to build your own website to demonstrate your podcasts, WordPress includes a number of high-quality plugins which will make your job much easier. Genuinely, you can use WordPress to develop an entirely podcast-focused website that looks professional from start to finish.

We created a comprehensive tutorial that explains how to start a podcast business with WordPress. Here’s how to create a podcast website from the bottom up.

6. E-commerce

You can create your own online store using WordPress. In regards, you can team up with other contractors and offer them the chance to sell their products through your website. By highlighting external sellers, you can create an online E-commerce platform and grow your E-Commerce business.

WordPress also allows you to accomplish this. You can also use WordPress for dropshipping. This allows you to set up a devoted site where individuals can enrol and distribute the products to make additional money. This platform has everything you require for this kind of company.

7. Online Course

You can also activate online courses in any layout you want to use the WordPress platform. WordPress provides a substantial variety of options and configurations for this objective, so you won’t just have to spend a lot of time assembling it.

You activate the website, select the appropriate design, and assemble the essential plugins or components. You can then concentrate on creating content for your startup.

8. Directory/ Wiki

Yeah! you heard it right, WordPress can also manage directories and wikis. If you want to develop a website to publish directories from any profession, you can accomplish this because WordPress has your back. You can personalize your site using suitable plugins and system integration after picking one of the many attractive directory themes.

9. Forum/ Social Network

If you want to build virtual communities, you should look into what WordPress has to offer you. Yes, you can customize WordPress to meet this objective. It does have its own formal plugin for social networks and discussion boards, BuddyPress, but you don’t need to use it.

There are numerous other plugins and choices available to help you create stunning and interactive pages on which you can gather committed communities to negotiate their favourite topics.

10. Media and News

Since WordPress is well-known for publishing, it can also maintain news and entertainment websites. How? By offering the necessary tools, widgets, designs, and marketing ploys to assist you in making the most out of your media business.

Yes, you can build a successful news portal with WordPress if you choose the right templates, personalize content thoroughly, and make sure your hosting can manage a massive audience.


As per our above demonstration the major types of sites that you can create with WordPress. As you may have discovered, WordPress offers numerous possibilities for your personal and professional endeavors.

Most specifically, it can carry all of the key reasons for starting an online journey, including business, communities, personal projects, events, media coverage, online shops, and many more. If you also wanted to learn building websites with wordpress then visit our website to know more.